The Okanagan Soaring Association


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bcvmnt.jpg (76741 bytes) Chris going for his first flight on the tandem with borge.
chriskh.jpg (42003 bytes) Chris on the other side of Golden, the beautiful Kicking Horse.
borgolden.jpg (54622 bytes) Borge Launching from the paraglider preferred launch in Golden.
imagfly/bramp.jpg (78590 bytes) Borge flying out from Deep Lake in Vernon.
jvmnt.jpg (79927 bytes) Joe Catching a cycle at Vernon Mountain!
kazulaunch.jpg (47093 bytes) Our friend Kazuo Eguchi visiting from Japan launching from Mara.
pdbow.jpg (92768 bytes) Peter Dessens Launching from Boleen.
rhbow.jpg (53946 bytes) Rick Hunt Flying out from Boleen.
kazuborge.jpg (54390 bytes) One of my favourite setup pictures, trying to set up before it blows down.....
2001_0909_125116AA.jpg (102545 bytes) A Bolean setup picture. No-one else could come out to play, but Borge he flew to Vernon that day.
driver.jpg (35971 bytes) Even Driving you get to see some neat stuff.

A big thankyou to Kazuo for supplying the camera I took most of these shots with, hope everyone enjoys them.